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Over the years, we have watched many wire EDM shops start out as a one-person, one-machine company. In the majority of cases, these shops have grown and prospered and today, some are large successful enterprises. Because of the way they started, we might have the tendency to think of these shops as being all the same. However, every one that we have known, has had their own specialty or strategy, that helped them succeed.
Sometimes that specialty was simply having a great deal of experience within a given industry. Thereby, customers from that industry would feel confident sending work to them, because of their knowledge. Or a new shop's specialty might be having a very large machine, or perhaps, it's
been their ability to do very small delicate work. Whatever it is, a specialty is extremely valuable to a new enterprise, because it builds their customer base. One specialty however, "I can do it cheaper", eventually catches up with a new shop when reality really kicks in. Expenses have a way of quickly leveling the playing field.
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Page 20, EDM Today, July/August 1998 Issue