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Welcome to 1-866-DIAL-EDM.com

Dial EDM is a privately owned wire EDM job shop specializing in fast, reliable service. We can cut any conductive material such as stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, aluminum, copper, brass, carbide, graphite, as well as heat treated tool steels. We can wire your prototype job, and can also easily wire your production run.

Wire EDM offers many advantages. Wire EDM reduces or eliminates fixture and tooling costs, eliminates post-heat treating machining costs, and is capable of intricate tapering and contours while holding tight tolerances. See the "Why Use EDM?" link for more applications EDM is suited for.

We at 1-866-DIAL-EDM strive to build a strong alliance with each of our customers. If you require wire EDM work, we would like to become your vendor of choice.

Click the "Contact Us" link, and let's talk.